Custom Blended Soils

Plants Choice Inc. is proud to offer a robust soils program. Our extensive experience with various municipal, DOT and private jobs has given us a track record of meeting project specifications. You are welcome to choose from the variety of pre-made blended soils. If our regular offerings do not meet your job specifications please consider our custom blending program.

Through the Plant’s Choice Custom Blend Program we would create a blend per your specifications and undergo testing through a professional laboratory (testing is done at customers cost) until the correct job parameters are met. Our most common blends are bioretention, bioswale and custom topsoils.

All blended soils are blended when purchased and not stockpiled.

Gypsum, fertilizers and/or other additives can be blended in subject to additional blending/component costs.

Please review a sample (blended from current components) with its corresponding laboratory test (with agronomist recommendations) with your supervising General Contractor, Architect, Engineer or Owner. Approvals are the responsibility of the customer.

Specification sheets and examples of typical lab results/agronomist recommendations are available upon request.

Want to order? Need spec sheets?

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