Plant’s Choice, Inc., is a professional producer and distributor of landscape supplies and provider of blowing services in the Southern California Area.

We have been supplying products in Southern California since 1993. Our parent and sister companies have been in operation since 1985.

We sell to tradespeople and contractors exclusively.

Our experienced staff are trained to price any sized job and arrange for reliable on-time delivery of products ordered. When necessary we work with our customers to customize product blends and arrange for laboratory testing as requested.

Most of our customers have purchased from Plant’s Choice for many years. Our staff are trained, skilled and able to work closely with members of your teams. Our many long-lasting relationships with customers and their employees are a testament to our commitment to making your jobs successes.

At our facility located at the Otay Landfill we produce STA Compost. We are proud to adhere to the US Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance Compost Standards.

Ask us about using STA Compost today!

We have supplied landscape materials to a wide range of projects and properties such as golf courses, amusement parks, military bases and housing, shopping malls, schools and universities, resorts, highway projects, municipal projects and more!

We work with customers to lay erosion control waddle and special erosion control socks.

We are familiar with projects of all scale including Caltrans, school work and prevailing wage jobs.

We have a fleet of blower trucks and bulk delivery trucks of different sizes to facilitate your project needs with on-time deliveries

We are also set up in both our Temecula and Chula Vista locations for pick up

Contact Information

We are here to help you with an estimate and set up delivery.

Please click below for our contact page. We’ve also included some quick contact info. We will always get back to you as soon as we can.

Martin Chavez
VP Operations/Sales
Email: mchavez@plantschoice.com

Isabel Chavez
Sales Coordinator

Phone: 619-585-9909