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Plants Choice Inc. carries a full range of mulches and composts with the ability to customize the blends based on your needs. Our extensive experience with various municipal, DOT and private jobs has given us a track record of meeting project specifications. Plant's Choice operates a fully permitted composting facility in which many of its products are produced. We sell our products by delivery (regular drop off or blower truck delivery) or by pick up at our yard in Chula Vista. All products are sold by the cubic yard with a minimum delivery quantity of 10 CY (plus applicable delivery fees)

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Plant's Choice

® Mulches

Plant's Choice, Inc.  offers a wide variety of mulches of various prices and qualities so that we can best meet your project needs. If you need a specific blend, are unsure about which material to use or would like help deciding which product is best please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you. Spec sheets and/or samples are available upon request. 
Some of the mulches we carry include:
  • Plant's Choice® Special Brush Mulch (SBM)
    • Plant's Choice standard bulk mulch
    • Available in 2-inch minus (SBM200), 1-inch minus (SBM100)
    • 3-inch minus (SBM300) available by special order
  • Gorilla Hair Mulch
  • Natural Wood Chips (Pine Chips) 
    • Natural virgin wood
  • Ground Cover Mulch
  • Wood Chips
  • Certified Play Ground Chip - meets or exceeds IPEMA ASTM F2075 and F1292-99
  • Orchard Bark Mulch
  • Walk-On Bark
  • Dyed Mulches - Red and Brown 
  • Custom Blends to match your project needs

    **Availability may vary**

Please contact us if you would like a full list of our products.